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Our hackathon aims to inspire students to have an impact on the real world while expressing their own creativity and imagination. SRC Code revolves around the theme of creating an impact using technology. Our lives are perpetually influenced by the world around us, whether it be the political, environmental, or social aspects of life. We want to inspire students to harness their potential to create a disturbance in this massive world of ours. SRC Code offers a spectrum of opportunities for bright, passionate students interested in STEM to express and explore their abilities. Our hackathon creates a unique experience with computer science that is rarely achieved elsewhere. The endless possibilities and projects a hacker can pursue truly stimulates creativity and originality while simultaneously encouraging learning and experimentation. SRC Code takes place in the Tri Valley, at the heart of Silicon Valley. Bringing a diverse group of passionate students of STEM, SRC Code offers hackers a memorable and enjoyable opportunity to learn about and express their ideas with the aid of technology. SRC Code aims to attract hackers who are interested in coding and bring the wonderful experiences of programming to our community. We want to provide the necessary resources to push those unsure of where to begin in the right direction while also strengthening the programming and developing skills of those more experienced.


You must be a high school student to enter. If you have graduated high school, you may apply as a mentor when registration opens.


All submitted projects must fall within one of these three themes: Environment, Education, or Entertainment.

Hackathon Sponsors


$19,828 in prizes

1st Place Winner (4)

Beats Solo 2 Luxe Edition Headphones for all team members

2nd Place Winner (4)

Premium Think Boards for all team members (Sponsored by ThinkBoard)

3rd Place Winner (4)

100% Discount Code for Any Product From the All Products Pack for all team members (Sponsored by JetBrains)

Top 12 Teams (48)

Wolfram|One Personal Edition + One-Year Subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro for all team members (Sponsored by Wolfram Language)

Best App Built Using the Hasura GraphQL Engine (Sponsored by Hasura) (4)

The Hasura GraphQL engine gives you instant realtime GraphQL APIs on a new or existing Postgres database. The best app built using the Hasura GraphQL Engine will win a 100$ Gift coupon from Amazon.

Best Beginner Project (4)

Choice of one game per team member from the following: Burnout Paradise Remastered for the PS4, Star Wars Battlefront II for the PS4, Plants vs. Zombies GW2 Deluxe Edition for the Xbox One, and UFC3 for the Xbox One. Every member on a team must have never attended a hackathon before to be eligible for this prize (Sponsored by EA)

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How to enter

Registration has opened! Please check on for Attendee and Mentor Registration!


Naveen Kulandaivelu

Naveen Kulandaivelu
CEO @ Float Technologies

Sean Raser

Sean Raser
AP Computer Science Principles Teacher

Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland
Founder & CTO @ Quizlet

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen
AP Computer Science A Teacher

Anand Narayan

Anand Narayan
CEO @ Codebrahma Technologies

Vidya Sankar

Vidya Sankar
VP of Growth @ YCombinator

Judging Criteria

  • TBA

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